MCC (Motor Control Centre) Panel

MCC Panel Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India

We are one of the leading MCC Panel Manufactures in Ahmedabad, India. An MCC Panel, also known as Motor Control Center Panel. It is an electrical control panel used to control and manage electric motors in industrial and commercial settings. It provides a centralized location for housing motor starters, protection devices, control circuits and many other components related to motor control. MCC Panels are broadly used in many industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, water treatment, mining, commercial building and many other. In order to ensure the secure and effective functioning of machinery powered by motors, they offer a centralised and organised solution for motor control. We offer customized solutions in varied design, specific requirements based on application, motor type as per the configuration given by the customer at market leading prices.

Features of MCC Panel

  • Remote control operation facility
  • MCCB for protection
  • Change over switch for circuit change from mains to DG and vice-versa
  • Direct on line starters that includes MCB, contactor, thermal overload relay and connectors.
  • Aluminium strip for earthing
  • Panel light and fan for ventilation.
  • Ease in handling, transportation and maintenance
  • Standard sizes available off the shelf, thus cutting down lead time and inventory carrying cost